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An Unprecedented Opportunity for Health Practitioners! 

The WellnessPro+ is the PERFECT add-on service for your business!

Example of WellnessPro+ sessions in your office.

In-office sessions @ $50/hour – 4x/day – 4 days/week = $3,200/mo. additional revenue!
By the 3rd session, they are ready to get their own personal WellnessPro+!

Provide customized frequencies for your clients to use with their own WellnessPro+ they purchase from you for home use!

Speed up recovery time for your clients and add AMAZING income to your business!

So how do the highest commissions in the industry work?

WellnessPro+ Complete Package (Client Price) ……………$3,495
WellnessPro+ Practitioner Price (Your Price to Purchase Today).…$2,995

The more you sell, the lower your price becomes which produces
a higher commission.

Here’s how selling the WellnessPro+ can add $1,000s to your business!

On sales 2-4 (yours counts as #1!), your price is $2,995........you earn $500 on each sale.
On your 5th to 9th sale, your price is $2,495…………you earn $1,000 on each sale.
On your 10th sale, your price is $1,995……you earn an incredible $1,500 on each sale!

Your 1st 9 machines = $8,000! Your 10th and beyond generates $1,500 each!

Your clients will love it and refer more people to your office for sessions or
to purchase a WellnessPro+ of their own!

Commissions can also be earned by selling to other qualified health practitioners.


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