Practitioner Partnership Program

Let Bio-energetic Testing take your
Practice to the next level!

How would you like to determine the true cause of your patient’s/client’s symptoms? Now you can with the Qest4 Bio-energetic Testing System!

The Holistic Energetix, LLC Practitioner Partnership Program is a collaboration with your Practice to provide bio-energetic screenings for your patients/clients, using the Qest4 Bio-energetic Testing System.

The Qest4 System is one of the most powerful electro-dermal testing systems available today and it is now available to you!

This advanced screening tool measures the energetic signatures or imbalances in the body, much like traditional diagnostic tools like MRIs or EKGs. It can determine the presence of environmental toxicities, food sensitivities, dental concerns, vertebral misalignments and allergies, as well as bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens and so much more……often before conventional tests may find them and, in some cases, even before symptoms physically appear!

Research on the Qest4 Bio-energetic Testing System has been well documented in university studies, comparing its results to various methods of traditional diagnostics. It has been found to be 94.6% accurate against blood tests.

Focus on What You Do Best

Bio-energetic testing does not diagnose.* It presents a completely individualized set of conditions at a specific point in time to the challenges included in the tests. This information can often be used to help support a traditional diagnosis, but the main purpose is to identify energetic imbalances, so you can create a plan to address those imbalances to improve the health of your patients/clients.

The Process is Easy

Step 1
Request a Practitioner Partnership Program Contract by sending an email to A fillable contract will be promptly emailed to you for you to complete and return by email.

Step 2
Upon receipt of your signed contract, Holistic Energetix, LLC will send you the Patient/Client Information Form, a fillable intake form to be completed for each patient/client for whom you request testing.

Step 3
You are ready to utilize the Qest4 system for your patients/clients! Just complete a Patient/Client Information Form for each patient/client. All scans are done remotely, using the information provided on the intake form. The system can scan your patient’s/client’s energy field without them physically being present.

Step 4
Scans will be run within 48 hours of the receipt of the Patient/Client Information Form. Results of the tests will be emailed to your Practice upon completion. Please allow enough time for tests to be run and to receive results before scheduling appointments with your patients/clients to review the information.

Each patient/client will receive a homeopathic imprint (remedy) that includes all balancing frequencies identified in the tests. This remedy will provide the energetic instructions the body will use to correct the imbalances.

No expensive equipment to purchase or hours spent learning a new system. It will all be done for you and you can cancel your contract at any time!

Where traditional approaches end, the Qest4 system removes the guesswork and introduces a new perspective, effectively utilizing the advanced technology of bio-energetic testing.

Contact us for your free bio-energetic test, so you can see how it works!

Holistic Energetix, LLC
Carol DeLucca, BCND, CAHP-BC

Carol DeLucca, BCND, CAHP-BC

As a Board-Certified Naturopath, a Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioner, as well as a Certified Qest4 Practitioner, I have been trained to address illness by finding the root cause of symptoms. By providing the body with the proper resources, we can tap into its natural healing ability, restoring health and renewing vitality for every person.

Please join me in my “Qest” to restore health to people across the globe! I look forward to our future collaboration and to helping you create a recipe for your patient’s/client’s long-lasting health success!

Download the Practitioner Partnership Contract Here

*Qest4 Bio-energetic testing is used to identify energetic imbalances in the body only and is not intended to
diagnose, prescribe, treat or take the place of the advice of a licensed medical doctor.

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