Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will last about an hour.

This session will include your Bio-Energetic scans to determine the root causal issues, providing information on energetic dis-resonances the body sees as the current priority.

These scans will be discussed as they relate to your health concerns and balancing frequencies will be provided in the form of a liquid homeopathic imprint. If other nutritional supplements are recommended, they will be provided for an additional cost.

Initial Session with Imprint - $225

Follow-up Sessions

A follow-up session will be scheduled 4-6 weeks from your initial session. We will assess your progress and continue to work toward achieving your health goals.

45-minute session with imprint $150

Full-Body Detoxification System

I offer a full-body detoxification system, which combines professional-grade homeopathic and nutraceutical formulas, and is designed to help clear the body of toxic waste and regenerate healthy cells and tissues. This whole-body, multi-step cleansing system reaches deeply harbored toxins and facilitates their complete elimination.

The detoxification program eliminates toxins from the brain and nervous system, the extracellular matrix (area between the cells where toxins can build up), the phase 1 and phase 2 liver detox pathways, the colon and digestive system, the urinary system (kidneys and bladder) and the immune and lymphatic systems. Often, this program alone can resolve unwanted symptoms.

Full Body Detoxification System - $250
(Sold separately and does not include a consultation)

Acute Care Consultations

This is for an illness or short-term health condition.
20-minute session $65
Condition-specific imprint $15

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